Toyosatomimi no Miko by Saboten
Toyosatomimi no Miko Model

Character information:
Chara: Toyosatomimi no Miko Version: Unknown
Model: さぼてん神子.pmd Author: Saboten
Technical information:
File: さぼてん神子.pmd Location: Blog (click さぼてん神子)
Caution: Do not redirect to the DL.
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: None

Saboten Miko (さぼてん神子) is available via Saboten's website.


  • Release ~ (2013/Mar/01)
  • Ver.??? ~ (2013/May/30)


  • さぼてん神子.pmd
  • さぼてん神子S.pmd

Read Me

  • This data is for use in MikuMikuDance and MikuMikuMoving and MikuMikuOnline only.
  • Do not distribute this model. Do not upload this model.
  • Do not distribute tampered with this model. Do not upload tampered with this model.
  • Do not use for commercial purposes or re-disribute data.
  • It is prohibited to convert this data into other 3D data forms.
  • Don't remodeling using this model data.
  • Don't make another data by using a part of this data.
  • Don't pretending "I made this model" and etc.
  • Don't use in the work including the following expression...extreme indecency or extreme violence.


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