ToyoMiko Kynokoru
Toyosatomimi no Miko Model

Character information:
Chara: Toyosatomimi no Miko Version: 3.0
Model: 豊聡耳神子 Author: Kynokoru
Technical information:
File: 豊聡耳神子.pmd Location: GetUploader: kynokoru
Credits: Unknown Password: knkr
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)

Kynokoru's Toyosatomimi no Miko can be found on GetUploader. It is the first Miko model to be made from scratch.


  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2012/May/30)
  • Ver.2.1 ~ (2012/Jun/24)
  • Ver.2.12 ~ (2012/Jun/24)
  • Ver.3.0 ~ (2013/Aug/10)


  • 豊聡耳神子


  • 豊聡耳神子.pmd (bloomers)
  • 豊聡耳神子P.pmd (panties)


  • On the right side of Miko's headphones, a copyright notice is posted on the texture: "(C) ZUN. All rights reserved."
  • Both of the model's hands have the shaku and the sword, allowing the character to be potentially ambidextrous.


KynoMiko CopyrightZUN
And that's what's written on the other side...

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