• Hey everyone,

    My laptop is running into some problems and it seems that it affected MMD into not starting. I have a surface tablet and was wondering if I could use the program there. I back up my files for mmd on an external hardrive and since it has a usb port, I was wondering if it is able to run while I try to figure out the laptop issue? I would appreciate it for a response.

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    • For the most part, it's not advisable to run MMD on a tablet PC. MMD is quite GPU-intensive depending on the amount of work you do in there. In most cases a tablet PC won't have enough juice for you to properly use MMD. Also, unless you have a stylus, MMD is far from touchscreen-friendly.

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    • Does MMD work on a hp pavilion laptop? because I'm getting a laptop that is an HP Notebook.

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    • Can somebody kindly enough make an app similar to Miku Miku dance and Miku Miku moving? Please, I would appreciate that

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      it is impossible to make an App for this two softwares. and must ask permission with the creator of the software if allowed to make an app. plus functions would be limited. sorry but all you need is a computer to work with MikuMikuDance.

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