Teto2Ula White
Teto Kasane Model

Character information:
Chara: Teto Kasane Version: Unknown
Model: 重音テト2W
Teto Kasane 2 White
Author: Ula
Technical information:
File: Lat式改変テト_White.pmd
Location: Blog: kotankor
Credits: Etd Password: teto
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)

Ula's Teto Kasane White (Lat式改変テト) is available for download through Axfc.Net. The current download comes with Ula's previous Lat Teto model with the updated models (Lat式改変テト2).


  • Initial Release ~ (2010/06/06)
  • Update ~ (2010/06/13)
  • Update ~ (2010/06/16)
  • Update ~ (2010/06/19)
  • Update ~ (2010/08/03) Modified facial expressions
  • Update ~ (2010/11/07) Teto2
  • Update ~ (2010/11/13) Physics run
  • Update ~ (2010/11/14) Added Teto2 Sailor and Teto2 White
  • Update ~ (2010/11/21)


the original folder

  • Lat式改変テト_Normal.pmd
  • Lat式改変テト_Sailor.pmd
  • Lat式改変テト_White.pmd

the current folder

  • Lat式改変テト.pmd
  • Lat式改変テト2.pmd
  • Lat式改変テト2_sailor.pmd
  • Lat式改変テト2_white.pmd


  • When Lat-type Teto Kasane was uploaded to NND, users did not know if it was official by Lat or edited. The original links are now gone but the current download can be accessed by going to ula-P's blog.
  • Lat-type Teto continues to be a popular model to use in MMD videos.


TetoUla White
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