MatryTeto Sketchy
Teto Kasane Model

Character information:
Chara: Teto Kasane Version: Unknown
Model: MatryoshkaTeto Author: SketchyMod
Technical information:
File: MatryoshkaTeto


Location: Old site Scroll down to see Matryoshka Teto
DeviantART dl Update
Credits: Etd
  • Rin Kagamine DIVA Swimwear (Brian Narita)
  • MEIKO (Animasa)
  • Google Sketchup
  • CarrieDenyes
  • Teto Kasane 11 years old
  • Password: None
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    Sketchy's Matryoshka Teto is available on DeviantART. Version one can be downloaded from SketchyMod's old site.


    • Ver.1.0 ~ (2010/Oct/27)
    • Update ~ (2011/Oct/14)


    • Matryoshka Teto.pmd (old)
    • MatryoshkaTeto_Update.pmd (photo)


    • Right pigtail glitches when physics are off.
    • Version 1 comes with various Vocaloid Pose Data and a Motion Data for the model.


    MatryTetov1 Sketchy
    Version 1

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