Sora Isao
Sora Amaha Model

Character information:
Chara: Sora Amaha Version:  ???
Model: 天羽ソラ
Sora Amaha
Author: ISAO
Technical information:
File: sora_act2.5.pmd Location: Witch★Craft

Purchase Only (act2)

Credits: Metasquoia Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: x (No)

Sora Amaha is ISAO's original character. Commercial and non-commercial redistribution of the original model is forbidden.

The Windows 100% version of the model (the one not released in ISAO's site) may not be distributed nor edited into a different character.


  • Release (2009/Jun/08)
  • Ver.G (2010/Dec/09)
  • Act2 (2010/Mar/28)
  • Act2.5 (2011/Oct/26)
  • Act2.7 (???)


  • sora_act2.5.pmd (photo)
  • sora_verG.pmd

General policies on editing Windows 100% models

  • Editing of model is allowed for personal use only.
    • Editing of the model's clothing, texture, structure is allowed.
    • The model must remain as the intended character.
  • Removing clothing, texture, or parts to place on a different model is prohibited.
    • E.g. Model B's hair onto Model D's base.
  • Distribution of model's data is prohibited.
  • Distribution of personal edits is prohibited.

Notice : Having permission by the model's author is always favored when editing.

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  • This model has been re-released for the Windows100% Model Starter Pack.
  • Oddly enough, the download at ISAO's site includes an updated Sora, featuring the hair .spa and tan skin coloration from the Win100% Sora typeLON model and the inclusion of teeth.
  • The file containing the old version of Sora also comes with a motion data.
  • In a similar manner to Iroha Nekomura, Sora has been made into an UTAUloid, voiced by Lon and has a voicebank released exclusively with Windows 100% and a Type-Lon model. However, it is still ISAO's character and all Sora models excluding Type-Lon belong under Original.


SoraOld Isao
Old version (2009)

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