Seika Kyomachi ISAO
Seika Kyomachi Model

Character information:
Chara: Seika Kyomachi Version: Unknown
Model: Unknown Author: ISAO
Technical information:
File: 京町セイカ.pmx Location: Official Seika website
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)
Displayed: Nicovideo

ISAO Seika Kyomachi is available for download via the official Seika website. The character Seika Kyomachi is the town mascot of Seika, Kyoto.


  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2014/Oct/24)



Scroll down on the page to MMD対応データを配布, then click the banner that says "京町セイカMMDデータダウンロードはこちら"


  • 京町セイカ.pmx
  • 京町セイカ(スカート物理無).pmx (No skirt physics)

Readme txt

Seika Town PR Character, Kyomachi Seika MMD (MikuMikuDance) Version 3D Model Data

(c)Seika Town
Model Creator: ISAO

Thank you for downloading the Model Data for Kyomachi Seika, the PR Character of Seika Town.


·京町セイカ.pmx (Kyomachi Seika model)

·京町セイカ(スカート物理無).pmx (Kyomachi Seika with no skirt physics)

※The headphones and staff can be removed in either version.

※If a particular scene continues to appear choppy or broken, switching to the No Skirt@Physics Model should make it better.  
  (Creator comment)

〇User Policy

·This is not a cancellation or transfer of copyrights or any other rights. Acts such as providing a separate license and conditions or transferring the rights to another person are prohibited.

·In the event that a user of this data is in some way injured or disadvantaged, Seika Town as well as the creator of this model are in no way responsible. The user takes full responsibility for anything that make occur while using the product.

·As long as the prohibited items listed below are not violated, there is no limit as to how the product is used.

·For use of the data in corporate or business related matters, please contact Seika Town before use.

·As long as the prohibited items listed below are not violated, there is not limit to how the data is remodeled and changed.  However, when remodeling or changing the character using parts from other 3D characters, please follow the rules set by the creator in their User Policy Conditions. 

·There are is no requirement to report or provide information on this product.  However, when publishing a product that uses this data, be sure to specify clearly that "The Kyomachi Seika Model is being used" and provide a link to the MMD distribution


    The Seika Town PR Character, Kyomachi Seika Model Data is being used.
    Distribution Location:
·With the exception of instances where you have permission from Seika Town, redistributing the original model on a different site is prohibited.

·There are no restrictions on redistributing models that have been changed or remodeled.  However, when redistributing a model be sure to clearly specify "The Kyomachi Seika Model is being used" and provide a link to the MMD distribution location.

·When uploading a video, please tag it with "Seika Town" and "Kyomachi Seika".  Please do it even if you have changed or remodeled the data.

·For any other items not listed please reference the "Seika Town PR Character Costume User Guidelines."

·There may be instances where the User Policy is changed without notice.

〇Prohibited Items

·Instances where use would infringe upon or appears as if it is infringing upon the confidence, intellectual property rights and all other rights, or credit of either Seika or a third party.

·Instances of monopolistic use or when it appears to be used monopolistically such as using the model as a trademark, logo or design.

·Instances that go against or appear to go against laws and public order.

·Instances in which it is used for or appears to be used for the support of a specific political group, ideology or religion.

·Instances in which it is used for or appears to be used to cause the misunderstanding that Seika Town is officially recognizing something.

·Instances where the Seika Town emblem color or shape has been changed or is recognized to have been changed.

·In addition, when it has been recognized as being inappropriate by the mayor.

〇About Kyomachi Seika

Seika Town's PR Character Kyomachi Seika was created as a way of easily relaying, in a fun an easy way, the information and PR activities put out by the town administration. 

Her design is as "An envoy from the future who comes and goes between the 'Past, Present and Future'," who personifies the fusion of the cutting edge science and technology of the Keihanna Science City, a focal point of culture, science and research, with the long history of Seika that has been permanently recorded in the Chronicles of Japan.


  • Download also comes with two .EMD files

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