Samidare by Nanami
Samidare Model

Character information:
Chara: Samidare Version: 1.01
Model: 五月雨(773)1_01準 Author: Nanami Watabe
Technical information:
File: 五月雨(773)1_01準.pmx Location: Undisclosed
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: Nicovideo

Nanami's Samidare is Nanami's first Kantai Collection model. Download comes with Suzukaze
Commercial use and private/public trading of this model are forbidden.


  • Ver.1.0 (2014/Feb/14)
  • Ver.1.01 (2014/Feb/16)


  • 五月雨(773)1_01.pmx
  • 五月雨(773)1_01装準.pmx
  • 五月雨(773)1_01準.pmx
  • 涼風(773)1_00.pmx
  • 涼風(773)1_00準.pmx
  • 涼風(773)1_00装準.pmx


Nanami discourages Western users to give other users the link to the download as well as the password for the model.

Model PolicyEdit

"[ Read the usage rules below carefully before using this model. ]

This English translation is an summary of terms of use. Refer to the original Japanese text for more details.

Read and agree with ALL terms of use written in this txt file before using this MikuMikuDance Model Data. If you do not agree with all terms of use, or if you do not understand any part of this terms of use txt file, you are NOT allowed to use this MikuMikuDance Model Data.

This terms of use is subject to change without prior notice. The most recent version shall take precedence if any conflicts should arise.

You must credit me, "Nanami Watabe", when using this MMD Model Data.

 [ Editing ]

Editing this model into base models is forbidden.
Taking off any part(s) of this model and attaching it/them to other model(s) is forbidden.
Using this model for frankensteining is forbidden.

 [ Redistributing ]  

Redistributing any data in this archive file is forbidden.
Private Trading and Public Trading of this MMD Model Data is NOT allowed.

 [ Prohibitions ]  

"Nanami Watabe" shall not be responsible for any damage and loss that may result from using this model.

You are NOT permitted to sell this MMD Model data in ANY format, whether digital or in print. This MMD Model data may only be used for non-profit purposes. Do not use this MMD Model data for commercial purposes.

Use this model for pictures and videos only.

Use of this data in a work including the following contents is forbidden. 
 * grotesque, &/or violent contents
 * Religious activity
 * Political activity
 * Mental abuse
 * Breach of law
 * Promotion of a criminal act

Do not share the download password for this MMD Model Data.

If the copyright holder of this model requests that this model be removed, or if"Nanami Watabe" deems it necessary,
"Nanami Watabe" may suspend this model, may forbid using this model and may take other necessary actions without prior notice."


External LinksEdit

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