SONiKA Model

Character information:
Chara: SONiKA Version: 1.1
Model: SONiKAv101beta Author: Yaoiboy777
Technical information:
File: SONiKAv101beta.pmd Location: 1.0
1.1 (nekomimi)
Credits: Etd
  • Luka Megurine (Kio)
  • Meiko Sakine (Kio)
  • Miku Hatsune Black (Mio-nee)
  • 3D Custom Girl
  • Metasequoia
  • Password: None
    Further information:
    Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)
    Displayed: Youtube

    Yaoiboy SONiKA is available for download via Mediafire.
    Edits and redistribution is allowed, while credit is appreciated it's not required. She was assembled using Mio-nee's Miku (bottom,arm warmers) while part of the longer glove was from 3D CG, Kio's Meiko Sakine (arms, torso), Kio's Luka (head), and the earrings were created in Metasequoia.


    • Ver.1.0 ~ (2011/Jan/30)
    • Ver.1.1 ~ (2011/Aug/14)
    • Ver.1.1 ~ (2011/Sep/13) (Nekomimi)

    Accessories edit

    • Ver.1.0 ~ (2011/Mar/14)
    • Ver.1.1 ~ (2011/Sep/07)


    • SONiKA(Yaoiboy777 edit)
    • SONiKAtest.pmd
    • SONiKAv101beta.pmd


    • This model is based on the commissioned illustration by raynkazuya, released November 2009. There is an accessories edit by Paul who did a collaboration with TwilightAnimeLife.
    • Due to the illustration cutting off at the thigh other artists are left to interpret what she wears, it is usually jeans or shorts and a pair of heavy thick boots.
    • Model 1.1 has SONiKA's tattoo, longer coat, corrected gloves and top.


    Version 1.0
    1.0 edit by Paul
    1.1 edit by Paul

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