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Tone Rion edit byPikadude
Rion Tone Model

Character information:
Chara: Rion Tone Version: 1.2
Model: Tone Rion Pikadude Edit Author: Pikadude31451
Technical information:
File: Tone Rion.pmd

Tone Rion 2.pmd

Location: deviantART
Credits: Etd
  • See credits
Password: None
Further information:
Editable: Cc (Contact creator) Distributable edit: Cc (Contact creator)

Pikadude Rion Tone was available for download via MediaFire.

The original is here.


  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2011/Dec/28)
  • Ver.1.2 ~ (2012/Jan/28)

Model policy

The policy for this model is unknown. The creator is known to allow editing and distribution of models that were created by PMD editing.

From August 17 2016, all Pikadude models require permission for both editing and distribution.[1]


  • During its release it was one of the only Rion models for MMD, there are not many Rion models even in edited form.


  • Base -- Nakao Kaai Yuki
  • Skirt speakers, sleeves, hat, bow, and emblems -- Tomboywithfire's simple ball download
  • Back of her head hair -- Arkenidae's Lola
  • Boots, gloove things, and boot "Covers -- Animasa Neru
  • "Fancy" hair -- !Shioku-990 Sword
  • Skirt Panel, back ribbons-- the blade from the "Basic Sythe" -- person who made it can't be found
  • Eye texture make by Kiku-chan
  • The rest of the Textures we made by Pikadude

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