RinUla Sailor
Rin Kagamine Model

Character information:
Chara: Rin Kagamine Version: 0.04
now 0.05
Model: 鏡音リンsailor
Kagamine Rin Sailor
Author: Ula
Technical information:
File: Lat式鏡音リン_Sailor.pmd
now rin sailor.pmd
Location: Blog: kotankor
Credits: Etd Password: rin
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)

Ula's Rin Kagamine Winter Schoolgirl (鏡音リンsailor) is available for download via
Editing and distribution is allowed, only file that can not be altered or distributed is the "apam.png" file. The current download comes with ula's previous Lat Rin model with some additional models such as the winter Rin.


  • Ver0.01 ~ (2010/07/29)
  • Ver0.02 ~ (2010/08/05)
  • Ver.0.03 ~ (2010/08/06)
  • Ver.0.04 ~ (2010/08/10)


the original folder

  • Lat式鏡音リンβ_Nor.pmd
  • Lat式鏡音リン_Normal.pmd
  • Lat式鏡音リン_Sailor.pmd
  • Lat式鏡音リン_White.pmd

the current folder

  • rin_ms2[mosafx].pmd
  • rin_normal2.pmd
  • rin sailor2.pmd
  • rin sailor2s.pmd
  • rin White.pmd
  • rin white2.pmd


  • When Lat-type Rin Kagamine was upload to NND, users did not know if it was official by Lat or edited. The original links are now gone but the current download can be gotten by going to ula-P's blog.
  • Lat-type Rin continues to be a popular model to use in MMD videos.


RinUla Sailor2
Sailor2s, stockings replaced with socks

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