RinUla Append
Rin Kagamine
Rin Append Model

Character information:
Chara: Rin Kagamine
Rin Append
Version: 0.061
Model: Rin Append Author: Ula
Technical information:
File: rin_append.pmd Location: Blog: kotankor
Credits: Etd Password: rin
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)

Ula (鏡音リンappend) is available for download via Axfc.Net
Editing and distribution is allowed, only file that can not be altered or distributed is the "apam.png" file. The download comes with ula's previous Lat Rin model with some additional models such as the winter Rin.


  • Ver.0.061 ~ (2011/Jan/20) (append)
  • Ver0.01 ~ (2010/07/29) (previous Rin)
  • Ver0.02 ~ (2010/08/05)
  • Ver.0.03 ~ (2010/08/06)
  • Ver.0.04 ~ (2010/08/10)
  • Ver.0.05 ~ (2010/11/19)


  • rin_ms2[mosafx].pmd
  • rin_normal2.pmd
  • rin sailor2.pmd
  • rin sailor2s.pmd
  • rin White.pmd
  • rin white2.pmd


  • This model is smaller than Mqdl's version. It also has transparent arm and leg warmers.

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