Neru camisole one piece by vk
Neru Akita Model

Character information:
Chara: Neru Akita Version: 1.00
Model: Tda_Akita_Neru_camisole


Author: Vk
Technical information:
File: Tda_Akita_Neru_camisole


Location: Bowlroll
Credits: Etd See below Password: Nicoseiga
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: ?!
Displayed: NicoVideo

Tda Type Camisole One Piece Neru is available for download via Bowlroll. Model can be edited, but if the face must be edited if it is used for another characters. When using/editing this model, vk, Tda, Yamamoto, Jaaku no Keshin Baretta!!, AGA, Masisi and WYKP must be credited. Vk encourages making new clothes for this model.


  • Release ~ (2014/Sep/25)


  • Tda式改変亞北ネル・キャミワンピ (Tda式改変亞北ネル・キャミワンピ


  • Tda_Akita_Neru_camisole_one-piece_v1_00.pmx
  • Tda_Akita_Neru_camisole_one-piece_v1_00_m.pmx


  • Tda
  • Yamamoto
  • Jaaku no Keshin Baretta!!
  • AGA
  • Masisi
  • WYKP

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