FailMiku Anomaro
Miku Hazure Model

Character information:
Chara: Miku Hazure Version: 1.0
Model: 外れミク
Miku Hazure
Author: Anomaro
Technical information:
File: 外れミク.pmd Location: Bowlroll
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: Cc (Contact creator)
Displayed: Nicovideo

Type Anomaro Miku Hazure (外れミクTYPEアノマロ) is available for download via Bowlroll. This model is based on the Miku derivative of the same name. Editing and redistributing the model requires the consent of Anomaro.


  • Ver.1.0 (2009)


  • anomaro_vocaloid_set.RAR (アノマロ_VOCALOIDセット)


  • This is the only known model of this particular Miku Hatsune derivative.

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