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Miku Hood (IAB)
Miku Hatsune Model

Character information:
Chara: Miku Hatsune Version: 1.0
Model: Miku Hood Author: Jjinomu
Technical information:
File: IAB's Miku Hood.pmd Location: DeviantART
Credits: Etd Password: None
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: None

Jjinomu's Miku Hood was available for download as a Christmas present. The download was removed and then put back up but has since been discontinued once more. The model's design was based off a Project Diva Module.

She was assembled using Metasequoia to create the outfit, a Piron base, head from Nigamon's Miku Hatsune Gothic, hair from Nakao's Miku Hatsune, and shoes by SuminoChan. Editing and redistribution of the model is prohibited.


Ver1.0 ~ (2011/Oct/27)


  • This model is based on the Miku Hood module designed by Tda for Hatsune Miku Project Diva.
  • Jjinomu is possibly the first person to create a Miku Hood model.
  • This model is the only one of Jjinomu's Project Diva Ripoffs to be distributed to the public.
  • This model was also the first of Jjinomu's models to be released as a Christmas present to her watchers. A poll was created to see what model her watchers wanted the most.

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