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AppendX Xenosnake
Miku Hatsune Model

Character information:
Chara: Miku Hatsune Version: Unknown
Model: Append Miku ver X Author: Xenosnake
Technical information:
File: Append Miku Ver X.pmd Location:
Credits: Etd Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)

Xenosnake's Miku Hatsune Append can be found in his gallery. There are two variants- Version X and EVE.


  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2010/Dec/10) Version X
  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2010/Dec/15) EVE


  • (Version X)
  • (EVE)


  • Append Miku Ver X.pmd (Photo)
  • Miku EVE.pmd (see Gallery)


  • The model is often seen in videos on NicoNicoDouga, though not as much as Cyber Miku.


AppendEVE Xenosnake
Append EVE

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