Miku 2014 B by Mashi
Miku Hatsune Model

Character information:
Chara: Miku Hatsune Version: 2.2
Model: pxch14 Author: Pikuchii
Technical information:
File: pxch14B(VOCALOID)


Location: Blog(link crashed)
Credits: Unknown Password: See download link
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: Nicovideo(no video)
Youtube(no video)

Pikuchii's Miku (ぴくちぃ式ミク) isn't downloadable from Bowlroll now.
Redistributing, reproducing, trading or selling this model is forbidden. Users may edit the model, however this edit may ONLY be used for PERSONAL USE. Author MUST be credited when that edited model is used. Pornographic/grotesque/slander contents are also forbidden.
Notice: Do not share the download password for this MMD Model Data.


  • Ver.2.013 ~ (2013/Sep/24)
  • Ver.2.02 ~ (2014/Jan/19)
  • Ver.2.2 ~ (2014/Mar/13)
  • Ver.2.3 ~ (2014/Apr/23)

  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/Apr/14)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/Apr/18)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/Apr/21)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/Apr/22)
  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2012/Apr/29)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/May/05)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/May/20)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/May/28)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/May/30)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/Jun/13)
  • Ver.???? ~ (2012/Jun/24)
  • Ver.0.9b ~ (2012/Jul/22)
  • Ver.0.91b ~ (2012/Jul/23)
  • Ver.0.92b ~ (2012/Jul/28)
  • Ver.0.921b ~ (2012/Aug/21)
  • Ver.0.96a ~ (2012/Oct/14)
  • Ver.0.97a ~ (2012/Nov/08)
  • Ver.0.97 ~ (2012/Nov/16)
  • Ver.0.97-1 ~ (2012/Nov/17)
  • Ver.0.98 ~ (2012/Dec/02)
  • Ver.0.99 ~ (2012/Dec/24)
  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2012/Dec/31)
  • Ver.1.01p ~ (2013/Jan/02)
  • Ver.1.01M ~ (2013/Fev/02)
  • Ver.1.01-2 ~ (2013/Apr/13)
  • Ver.1.01-3 ~ (2013/May/04)
  • Ver.1.01-4 ~ (2013/May/13)
  • Ver.1.01-6 ~ (2013/May/26)
  • Ver.1.32 ~ (2013/Sep/24)
  • Ver.1.33 ~ (2014/Mar/12)

Download (No links)Edit

  • ぴ く ち ぃ 式 ミ ク Mk12 (
  • ぴくちぃ式ミクMk14 v2.3[最新版] (


  • pxch14A(レイヤード水着)_2201.pmx Layered swimsuit
  • pxch14B(VOCALOID)_2303.pmx default Vocaloid
  • pxch14B2(VOCALOID-V3)_2303.pmx Vocaloid V3
  • pxch14C(ワンピースドレス)_2303.pmx One piece dress
  • pxch14D(セーラー冬服)_2303.pmx Sailor winter clothes
  • pxch14E(セーラー夏服)_2303.pmx Sailor summer clothes
  • pxch14F(パーカー)_2303.pmx Parker

  • pxch12_A(私服パーカー)1018.pmx Plain clothes Parker
  • pxch12_B(ボディースーツ)1018.pmx Bodysuit
  • pxch12_C(すく水)1018.pmx Swimsuit
  • pxch12_D(バニー)1018.pmx Bunny
  • pxch12_G(ワンピース)1018.pmx One-piece dress
  • pxch12_H(ビキニ)1018.pmx Bikini
  • pxch12_H(水着+パーカー)1018.pmx Swimwear + Parker
  • pxch12_I(オーバーオール)1018.pmx Overalls
  • pxch12_M(体操着)1018.pmx Gym clothes
  • pxch12_N(セーター)1018.pmx Sweater
  • pxch12_O(Pコート)1018.pmx P coat
  • pxch12_P(振袖)1018.pmx long-sleeved kimono
  • pxch12_R(VOCALOID)1018.pmx default Vocaloid
  • pxch12_R(雪ミク)1018.pmx Snow Miku
  • pxch12_S(冬セーラー)1018.pmx Winter Sailor
  • pxch12_S(夏セーラー)1018.pmx Summer Sailor
  • pxch12_T(夏体操着)1018.pmx Summer gym clothes
  • pxch12U(ふりふり水着)1018.pmx Suimsuit

Model PolicyEdit

" 1. Use these models in accordance with Piapro Character License. Here is the License.

2. Prohibitions

  • Using these models for pornographic contents.
  • Using these models for grotesque contents.
  • Using these models for the purpose to slander or harass other person(s) and/or party(s).
  • Using these models for commercial and/or other forms of monetary purposes.

3. Redistributing, reproducing, trading and/or selling these models is strictly forbidden. Similar actions are also forbidden.

  • Editing these models for private use is allowed, but you may NOT distribute the edited model(s).
  • Taking off any parts from these models to edit non-Pikuchii model(s) is forbidden.

4. Making figurine(s) or other forms of statue(s), including the case of using a 3D printer, from these models without permission is forbidden.

5. Follow the latest terms and conditions of MikuMikuDance, MikuMikuMoving and other 3DCG animation software as well as the terms and conditions of these models.

6. The author Pikuchii shall not be responsible for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by the use of these models. Use these models at your own risk."


  • Western users often credit the model to メカクラゲ.
  • Version 1.01-3 has now sliders that change the hairstyle of the model.


External linksEdit

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