Hatsune Miku is a VOCALOID2 character. This character model was released by Animasa.


What to downloadEdit

The MikuMikuDance program.

Available modelsEdit

  • MMD Miku_Hatsune_metal
  • MMD Miku_Hatsune
  • MMD Miku_Hatsune Ver.2



  • Animasa models are not to be for commercial use. However this model has been featured on the cover of MMD Magazine.
  • Animasa Miku is the most heavily edited MMD model in existence. Her base is used to create variants as well as fanmades.
  • She has been upgraded to a higher quality by various fans over the years.

Model historyEdit

  • MMD Ver.1.0 ~ (2008/Feb/24)
  • MMD Ver.4.0 ~ (2009/Mar/05)


Creator policyEdit

Not for commercial usage.

Creator creditsEdit

2007 MikuMikuDance and Crypton Future Media Inc.

External linksEdit

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