It is not wise to take another model creator's work and redistribute it without permission or claiming that the files you took belong to you. It's not big nor clever and just looks bad for you. If you have done such a thing it would be wise and appreciative of you to take down your videos of links to the offending works. Additional advice, get proper permission and perhaps even attempt to create original models and stages yourself.

This kind of behavior upsets model creators and such disrespect often leads to the cease and deceasing on handing out models and PMD files so it is a serious issue within the fandom, this can lead to an end of model distribution and possibly hinder future releases. Even if you just simply recolor someone's model and attempt to title it as something else, it still does not belong to you until you get the proper permission or depending on the guidelines set by the original owner, allows the base to be free for modification and ownership.


The works are not yours. Please remember the original creator's right. Some of the works are also registered and protected under copyright laws and redistributing them will land you in legal jeopardy. MMD and Vocaloid fans can build the better fandom together with the creators, but also fans can destroy the relation with the creators.


It is not wise trying to earn points, donation or e-money using MMD models on deviantArt or other artwork communities. Again, original creators deserve the points or e-money, not you. In addition, most modelers forbid monetary use of their models. If you are an artist, exert your own creative ingenuity. Using others' models is just a shameful piracy.

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