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Meiko Sakine Swimwear (Redstone)
MEIKO Sakine Model

Character information:
Chara: MEIKO Sakine Version: Unknown
Model: Unknown Author: Redstone
Technical information:
File: .pmd Location: Bowlroll
Credits: Etd Password: See video link
Further information:
Editable: ?! Distributable edit: ?!
Displayed: Nicovideo

MEIKO Sakine Swimwear is an edited model of MEIKO Sakine by Kio. Download cames with 17 models, all based of the Project diva Swimsuits (3 for Miku, 2 for KAITO, Rin, Luka, Len and MEIKO, 1 for Neru, Haku and MEIKO Sakine) and an extra model: GUMI.


  • Release ~ (2012/Mar/03)


  • キオ式diva水着フルパック(キオ式DIVA水着パック.zip)


  • MEIKOチューブトップ.pmd
  • MEIKOハイレグワンピ.pmd
  • KAITOトランクス.pmd
  • KAITOブーメラン.pmd
  • キオ式ミクスク水.pmd
  • キオ式ミク水着.pmd
  • キオ式ミク水着B.pmd
  • リン水着.pmd
  • リン水着T.pmd
  • 鏡音レンWS.pmd
  • 鏡音レン水着.pmd
  • キオ式ルカ・ビキニ.pmd
  • キオ式ルカ水着P.pmd
  • (Haku).pmd
  • キオネル水着.pmd
  • (MEIKO Sakine).pmd (photo)
  • (GUMI).pmd

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