508DonovanLen Jin
Len Kagamine Model

Character information:
Chara: Len Kagamine Version: 1.04
Model: 508式レン改変ドノヴァン風Ver1.04
Type 508 Len Donovan costume edit ver1.04
Author: Jin
Technical information:
File: 508式レン改変 ドノヴァン風 Ver104.pmx Location: Bowl Roll
Credits: Etd
  • Len Kagamine (Teihen508)
  • Nakao
  • Password: see Nicovideo link below
    Further information:
    Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
    Displayed: Nicovideo

    508 Donovan Len can be found on Bowl Roll. His costume is based on Darkstalkers character Donovan Baine.
    Notice: Do not share the download/unzip password for this MMD Model Data.


    • Ver.1.0 ~ (2012/Nov/18)
    • Ver.1.01 ~ (2012/Nov/19)
    • Ver.1.02 ~ (2013/Mar/17)
    • Ver.1.03 ~ (2013/May/05)
    • Ver.1.03+ ~ (2013/May/21)
    • Ver.1.04 ~ (2013/Sep/11)


    • 508式レン改変 ドノヴァン風 Ver1.04 (508式レン改変ドノヴァン風


    • Model comes with Anita Dayo.
    • Len's demon eye is compatible with the AutoLuminous effect when the slider for it is turned on.
    • File extraction is password protected. Password can be found in the readme provided.

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