Iroha Nekomura Model

Character information:
Chara: Iroha Nekomura Version: A
Model: 猫村いろは(アイドル)
Iroha Nekomura Idol
Author: ISAO
Technical information:
File: 猫村いろは(アイドル).pmx Location: Purchase Only
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes); personal use Distributable edit: x (No)

ISAO Iroha Nekomura Idol (猫村いろはアイドル) is a non Windows100% model that was released by ISAO. The model was released to the public on With Kitty for a limited time.

As of April 29, 2012, the model has been put up again for download. It can be purchased through MelonBooks, much like the rest of the Kitty'er model series.

Iroha Nekomura is copyrighted by Sanrio. Model may be edited through permission by ISAO, but the character must remain the same.

(c) Sanrio Co., Ltd.


  • 猫村いろは(アイドル) ~ (2011/Jun/15)
  • Re-release ~ (2012/Apr/29)


Model may be purchased through Melonbooks for 735 yen (9.26 USD).


  • 猫村いろは(アイドル) ver A (photo)
  • 猫村いろは(アイドル) ver A (with wings)
  • 猫村いろは(アイドル) ver B (with a ponytail)

General policies on editing Windows 100% models

  • Editing of model is allowed for personal use only.
    • Editing of the model's clothing, texture, structure is allowed.
    • The model must remain as the intended character.
  • Removing clothing, texture, or parts to place on a different model is prohibited.
    • E.g. Model B's hair onto Model D's base.
  • Distribution of model's data is prohibited.
  • Distribution of personal edits is prohibited.

Notice : Having permission by the model's author is always favored when editing.

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This is placed here due to ISAO's similar policy with other Iroha models.


  • All Iroha designs are by okama, the creator of the character.
  • The models original appearance was Iroha with a bun wrap, however, after much feedback on it the author of the model changed the bun to Iroha's standard side-ponytail. The author made additional changes, such as removing the winged backpack.
  • The last available download contained PMX versions of Iroha.


With wings
Ver.B with Ponytail

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