IAbeta mqdl

Character information:
Chara: IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- Version: 1.0
Model: IA Author: Mqdl
Technical information:
File: IA.pmx Location:
Credits: Metasequoia Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: Cc (Contact creator)

Mqdl's IA is available for download via direct link only, as there are no page links on the creator's blog; however that is where the link is connected to. If user is cautious, see the NicoSound link for proof.

This model can be edited for personal use, however, user must contact creator about distributions. If creator disagrees with it, please adhere to the request of not distributing the edit.

The updated version is here.


  • Ver.β ~ (2012/01/15) (First Release)
  • Ver.1 ~ (2012/01/28) (Third Release)

Read MeEdit

Prohibited usage...

  • involving offensive content to public morals
  • involving defamation of individuals or organizations
  • for adult content
  • Commercial use


  • This is the first model that mqdl released solely in PMX format.
  • This is also the first IA model to not be an edit.

External linksEdit

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