Hiyori Shirakane (Nanami) 10
Hiyori Shirakane (白鐘ヒヨリ) Model

Character information:
Chara: Hiyori Shirakane (白鐘ヒヨリ) Version: 1.1
Model: 白鐘ヒヨリ Author: Nanami Watabe
Technical information:
File: 白鐘ヒヨリ1_1.pmd Location: Undisclosed
Credits: Unknown Password: Undisclosed
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: Nicovideo

Nanami's Hiyori Shirakane (白鐘ヒカリ) is the first Hiyori model for MikuMikuDance along with the sister model Hikari. Creation of Hiyori and Hikari began mid-2010 and was released to the public on May 31, 2010.

Diversion of parts, adding parts from this model to another model, "Frankensteining", as well as editing this model into naked or base models is forbidden.


  • Ver.1.0β (2010/May/09)
  • Ver.1.0β2 (2010/May/10)
  • Ver.1.0β3 (2010/May/11)
  • Ver.1.0β4 (2010/05/13)
  • Ver.1.0β6 (2010/May/27)
  • Ver.1.0β7 (2010/May/29)
  • Ver.1.0 (2010/May/31)
  • Ver.1.1 (2013/Dec/30)


Nanami discourages Western users to give other users the link to the download as well as the password for the model.

Model Policy

The English translation of Nanami's readme is only a reference and the Japanese version is to be consulted should any problems or conflicts arise from the usage of the model. Also, the Japanese readme provides clearer information.

Nanami's readme states,

Terms of Use

  • Follow the guidelines of the Shirakane family when using this model: 
  • Do not edit the model into naked or base edits 
  • Do not attach its parts to any other model 
  • Do not use the model for "Frankensteining" (this, by definition, includes most PMD editing) 
  • Do not redistribute the content of the ZIP file 
  • Do not trade the model, whether in public or private 
  • Do not sell the model, regardless of format, or use it for commercial purposes 
  • Do not use the model for religious or political activity, anything contrary to laws, mental abuse (ie. slander, defamation, bullying) or for the promotion of crimes 



  • For a long time, Nanami's Hiyori was the only model for this Utau. Recently, a modeler who goes by HT released a Hiyori model for the 2012 MikuMikuDance Original Model Festival.
  • Hiyori and Hikari were part of the models Nanami ceased distribution on back in 2010, however they were updated and put back for distribution on 2013/12/30.
  • Version 1.1a has modifications that make it look more like Hiyori's current design.

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