Gakupo Long jacket by hana
Gackpo Camui Model

Character information:
Chara: Gackpo Camui Version: 0.63
Model: hana式神威がくぽロングジャケット Author: hana
Technical information:
File: hana式神威がくぽロングジャケット.pmx Location: Bowl Roll
Credits: Unknown Password: See Nicovideo link
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: Nicovideo

hana's Gakupo long jacket is available via Bowl Roll. Edits, redistributions, trades and merges are forbidden.
Notice: Do not share the download password for this MMD Model Data.


  • Release ~ (2013/Jul/16)
  • Ver.0.61 ~ (2013/Jul/27)
  • Ver.0.62 ~ (2013/Sep/09)
  • Ver.0.63 ~ (2013/Sep/12)


  • hana式神威がくぽロングジャケット ver0.63 (hana式神威がくぽロングジャケット

Model Policy

"Read and agree with ALL terms of use written in this txt file before using this MikuMikuDance Model Data. If you do not agree with all terms of use, or if you do not understand any part of this terms of use txt file, you are NOT allowed to use this MikuMikuDance Model Data.

  • Do not re-distribute this MMD Model Data.
  • Private Trading and Public Trading of this MMD Model Data is NOT allowed.
  • This MMD Model Data may not be used for any works which contain negative content toward the original product, individual, &/or group.
  • You are not allowed to create another MMD Model by using parts of this MMD Model Data. (For example, do not take this Model's hair and put it on a different Model.)
  • Do not merge this Model's parts with other Gakupo models.
  • This MMD Model data may only be used for non-profit purposes.
  • Do not import this model data into any applications or services that are not directly related to MMD."

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