Gakupo white by Enjyu
Gackpo Camui Model

Character information:
Chara: Gackpo Camui Version: Ver.1.2 (Ver.A)
Model: 炎守式がくぽ Author: Enjyu
Technical information:
File: 炎守式がくぽ(白ランV2・V3素・轟).pmx Location: Model Policy
Credits: Unknown Password: See link in download location
Further information:
Editable: ?! Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: Nicovideo

Enjyu's Gackpo Camui is available for download from Bowlroll. This model may not be used for sexual, erotic, &/or romantic relationships(for Miku,Rin,Luka).


  • Ver.1.21 ~ (2012/Dec/23)


  • 白ランがくぽV3(Ver.A)(炎守式がくぽ(V3白ランVer.A).zip)


  • 炎守式がくぽ(白ランV2・V3素・轟).pmx(Gackpo Camui/Uniform V3MODE(V2/Native/ Power))
  • 炎守式がくぽ(白ランV3囁).pmx(Gackpo Camui/Uniform V3MODE(Whisper)

Model Policy

If you don't have the full command of Japanese and don't read the attached Japanese readme properly, do not edit, redistribute and/or trade this model. There are additional conditions in it. The creator reserves all rights to discontinue the distribution of this model

  • Credit "kain_enjyu", when using this MMD Model Data.
  • Do no redistribute this model in any form. This includes removing the model's parts for use on another model.
  • It is prohibited to sell or commercialize this MMD Model data in ANY format, whether digital or in print. This model data may only be used for non-profit purposes.
  • Do not use this model for works which include obscene, grotesque, &/or violent content.
  • Do not use this model in ANY sexual, erotic, &/or romantic relationships(for Miku,Rin,Luka).

If you find this MMD Model Data re-distributed by anyone other than me "(kain_enjyu(炎守))" on a NON-JAPANESE website, I would greatly appreciate it if you could ask them to delete it.


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