Official typeset

deviantART (abbr dA)




Type of site

Art display/Social networking service




deviantArt, LLC.

Created by

Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, and Matthew Stephens


August 7, 2000



This page is subjected to suggestions and changes. Its use will be to inform readers of various MMD activity on deviantART. If you have any ideas on how to improve this page, create a discussion in the forums, Thank you.

deviantART ([dee·vee·un'nt·ART]) is an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork, it aims to provide a platform for any artist to exhibit and discuss works. Works are organized in a comprehensive category structure.

How does it relate to MMD?

deviantArt is just one of the many sources for Western and other non-Japanese speakers to display their MikuMikuDance models, either by showing their latest edit or releasing their model for public use. Since deviantArt is the most popular art community to use, it is naturally that many Western modelers use this as their primary source for MMD activity.

Recently, some Japanese model makers have made accounts on this site, most notably M2gzb and Mamama.

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