Damon is a MMD in the update 9.1.5

He is creating bosses and music (in update 9.1.6) for music

He is age 12-18?

He is a Demon king like Bowser from Mario Bros


Will Damon has a robo suit was called shiny RoboDamon

will Damon has a super sonic gems so He powered X by 2

Bowser, Damon, Sonic and Brandon update 10.5.3 have its own song

Damon, Mario, Sonic, Miku, Len and Rin are the creators only for 2020 year

Damon is a only one who only speaks English in 2018 Now Damon speaks Japanese

Paper Damon and Damon are teamwork

Damon is doing music and bosses

Sonic and Mario is doing updateing

Miku and Rin are doing game maker

And Len is lucky because He can be on any stage.

only this player in 31/12/15

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