These are templates containing information that displays on the Main Page. NOTICE If you would like to modify the content of these templates, do be considerate and try to contact one of the administrators before making drastic changes. If an Admin is not available, please use this → forum topic to discuss with fellow contributors what can go within these templates.

Discussion with others can mean avoiding conflicting edits. And remember to summarize what modifications you have done.
~~ Thank you.

Up for modification
  • MMD DYN (Did You Know) - Used for Trivia and Notable happenings in relation to MMD or Vocaloid.
  • MMD Elinks (External links) - Used for linking Notable or Helpful MMD sites.
  • MMD Farticle (Featured Article) - Used for linking articles that may be of interest to visitors.
  • MMD Featuredvid (Featured Video) - Used for linking videos to display on the Main page.
  • MMD News (Wiki News) - Used to display any notable happenings on the wiki, NOTICE It can also be used to display MMD happenings that may be of interest to visitors.
  • MMD Poll (Wiki Poll) - Used to display a poll with options for visitors and contributors to vote on.
No modification needed
  • MMD Intro (Wiki Introduction) - Takes up a majority of the Main page space, used to introduce visitors and contributors to the site.
  • MMD Disclaimer (Disclaimer) - Provides a generic copyright notice for the Main page.

Due to new rotating option for Featured Article template, there is no need to use this right now, however, they will remain as a just in case.

  • MMD Farticle/Creator (Featured Creator)
  • MMD Farticle/Editor (Featured Editor)
  • MMD Farticle/Model (Featured Model

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