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This is the list for Sweet ANN, BIG AL, OLIVER, and YOHIOloid models.

PowerFX is a small recording company, based in Stockholm, Sweden. They were the second English based company to release a VOCALOID voice bank, Sweet ANN, who was the first VOCALOID2.

Sweet ANN and BIG AL's avatars are inspired by Frankenstein's Monster. ANN known for her clear sound and easy use, while AL has a deep voice.
OLIVER's creation is unique, as he was made possible by a group of Vocaloid fans and distributed by PowerFX.
YOHIOloid is the first English VOCALOID to be bilingual. His voice provider is Swedish singer YOHIO.

Vocaloid wiki - PowerFX

Sweet ANN modeler=Shuki


BIG AL modeler=Nukude

Oliver byMole

OLIVER modeler=Mole

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