This is the list for models from the Macne series.

We ask that contributors please keep any related characters to this category to minimize the need for individual categories.

For those who want to create fanmade Macne please categorize in Macloid instead. The UTAU wiki considers "Macne" a copyrighted family name.

Nana Nanami

Nana Macne model by Nanami Watabe.

Macne (Mac音)
Vocaloid 3
Nana Macne (Mac音ナナ) an original Act2 mascot, her voicebank runs on Garageband and can be imported to UTAU software. Her original illustration is by Akatsuki Gomoku.
Her most notable modeler is Nanami.
The Macne series consist of five sisters and one papa.
On 31st of January 2014, Macne Nana got a Vocaloid 3 release.
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Macne Wiki
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