List of MikuMikuDance Models classified as monsters or alien creatures from myth, legends, fiction, etc. mostly models consisting of multiple limb bones or models that are design to be monsters in appearance (Exception if the monster character is too human in design or is fanloid character like Tako luka or Shiteyanyo which are hard to describe). some creature models fall in the MOB category for being a generic model.

MMD Models that are categorized as Creature/Monsters from Anime/Manga or Video Games can be found here. The Titans from Attack on Titan or Pokémon are also considered to be creatures.

Enemies from video games or even a character from a monster race are considered Creatures. The exception are animals, elves, dwarfs, vehicles, mechs, robots, accessories, and Human Character Models, but monsters that look like vehicles, robots, humanoids, or objects that look like or classified as monsters are considered to be Monsters depending the origin of the based model.


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