NeetAlice Piron
Alice Model

Character information:
Chara: Alice Version: 1.0
Model: Piron式アリス Author: Piron
Technical information:
File: アリス.pmx Location: Currently unavailable
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: None

Type Piron Alice is downloadable via The model is based on the character from the anime Kamisama no Memochou (The Heaven's Memo Pad). This model is currently unavailable, but the author announces that updated version will come soon.


  • Ver1.0 ~ (2011/May/14)


  • People who downloaded this model often mistake Neet as Alice's surname. NEET is an acronym for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training." Given that Alice is a hermit always clothed in pajamas, this fits.

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