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Character information:
Chara: AVANNA Version: Ver.1.0 Edit
Model: Avanna Author: Pikadude31451
Technical information:
File: Avanna [Pikadude EDIT].pmx Location:
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  • Credits: Etd Password: None
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    Pikadude AVANNA is available for download via MediaFire. The model was made using a Kio model as a base, PMD, and also Metasequoia.

    The original version is here.


    • Ver.1.0 Edit ~ (2013/Jan/09)
    • Ver.1.0 Edit ~ (2013/Jan/10) freckles and ear slider
      • Ver.1.0 Edit ~ (2013/Jan/16) Dardar, texture and spa edit


    • Information needed 1.0 Edit

    Model policy

    Policy of 1.0 Edit
    • Please credit Pikadude31451 when using. And also credit Kio, Babi, and Nagala.
    • Body and face swapping is allowed.

    From August 17 2016, all Pikadude models require permission for both editing and distribution.[1]


    • The freckles were added after the creator saw them missing. In updating this, there is also a slider for her ears. AVANNA's original concept was that of a elf female.


    Avanna edit byPikadude
    Without freckles
    Avanna dardar edit by darxemnia
    Dardar edit

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